Puzzles Help Mental Stability During a Pandemic 

by Sumaiya Kabir

One of the best ways to stay mentally strong in this new norm, without losing your mind
of course, is through solving puzzles. There are researches conducted and scientific explanations provided on thecorrelation between puzzles and mental health.
This game is one of the cogitative activities that reduces anxiety and promotes overall
mental well-being. Through untangling puzzles, you can:

  • Exercise your little grey cells
  • Manage boredom in an enjoyable way
  • Connect with your family and friends
  • Discover new words, amongst other things

And right now, during the isolation period, solving puzzles may become a key navigation form solving puzzles may become a key navigation point for your mental health than ever

Exercise your little grey cells 

There are accomplished researches on positive effect puzzles can have on one’s brain
if played occasionally. When you’re invested in deciphering a puzzle, you’re utilising
your power to oncentrate on the problem. This exercise keeps your brain racing and
enables you to focus on a single matter. Practising concentration becomes useful in fighting
memory loss, and in solving problems in real life.

Manage boredom in an enjoyable way 

Whether you’re in self-isolation, or living alone, killing time in a productive way may become a challenge now. Keep aside a few minutes from your schedule and try to solve a
‘computer puzzle game’, a ‘cryptic crossword’, or a ‘jigsaw puzzle’. You’ll never notice how
‘a few minutes’ will turn into ‘a few hours’.

Connect with your family and friends 

Solving online puzzles together is a refreshing way to connect with your family and friends.
Not only does this activity helps maintain a social interaction and strengthens a healthy
relationship amongst each other, but alsoencourages team bonding – working, thinking,
talking, and solving together.

Discover new words 

Games like crosswords, cryptic crosswords, and even riddles are a great avenue to increase
your vocabulary. There are plenty of new words you can learn each time you play. If you see
an unknown word, check the meaning first, followed by how to correctly use it in a sentence,
and lastly, add it to your vocabulary list.  Solving a puzzle isn’t a piece of cake. Challenge
yourself every time you play. Because, it requires you to be patient, to be focused, and to be
involved. It requires a lot of brain-work which helps establish mental stability – an important aspect for us during this pandemic period.