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As the puzzler, you will discover huge benefits when you play “Crack the Codeword.”  Nothing is more intriguing than accepting the challenge of deciphering a coded message or putting the puzzle pieces together.  

Codewords are a fantastic blend of solving crosswords and cracking a code.  The first thing you need to get used to is that there aren’t the conventional crossword clues you are used to.  Instead, the grid has a random, inbuilt number/letter code that you must decipher to fill in the grid.  Every puzzle has a new code, so you may have the same words, but they are in disguise every time. It allows you to revise familiar words and learn new ones. 

At Clue Detective, we take pride in our role in actively boosting your vocabulary and general knowledge. Each puzzle is an opportunity to learn and grow, making your puzzling experience not just fun, but also intellectually stimulating.

Are you an avid codeword solver? Rest assured, we’ve got you covered.  We regularly add new puzzles, ensuring a constant supply of mental gymnastics.  A daily codeword is the perfect way to keep your mind active.   And if you ever run out, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  We’re always happy to add more to keep you satisfied.

Enjoy the opportunity to trial 10 free sample puzzles in each codeword category:

How to gain access to Clue Detective Crack the Codeword Puzzles

Clue Detective Puzzle Agency is a members-only site.  The best way for someone to gain access is through their public/school library. 

If your library is not a member, you may wish to make a subscription purchase request.

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