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At Clue Detective, our mission is to show you how to have fun solving puzzles by creating brain-teasing games that will entertain, as well as teach interesting words and facts,  Puzzlers will be able to expand their vocabulary and general knowledge, and critical thinking skills.  We are also passionate about promoting the benefits of puzzling for health and well-being.  

The crossword puzzle has come a long way since it was invented by Arthur Wynne in 1913. With the advances in modern technology, there are many ways to solve a crossword that he would never imagine.  But the world has evolved, and at Clue Detective, we solve puzzles 21st-century-style!

Interactive puzzling fosters learning and social connection

These days, many of our 21st-century technological innovations make it easy for us to have fun solving puzzles.  it possible for games such as crossword, codeword, and sudoku puzzles to be adapted for a group setting.  All it takes is a little imagination.

With the aid of our modern-day devices such as laptops, flat-screen TV monitors, HDMI cables, and now Zoom meetings, it is very easy to play these iconic word games in a group setting.  Set up the puzzle in a place where everyone can see it, and then start solving it.

Playing puzzles online has many educational, recreational, and (mental) health benefits.  It is a wonderful way to bring people together.  Puzzlers can learn (new words and facts), and boost their knowledge at the same time.  Best of all, it is a lot of fun.

We show you how you can have fun solving puzzles via your public library!

Clue Detective believes in making our puzzles accessible to many.  The model we have created involves making a subscription to public libraries, which gives all patrons free unlimited access as part of their membership wherever they are.  Puzzles can be solved during your daily commute, on a long-haul flight, in a favourite cafe, or on a park bench; anywhere there is a wifi connection.

Solve puzzles on the C.U.S.P. with the Clue Detective

To assist libraries in the promotion of our resource, Clue Detective launching its MONTHLY  CUSP (Catch Up (with Friends) to Solve Puzzles Club via Zoom; for 1-2 hours.  

The first session will be held on Wednesday 30 November at 8 pm (AEDST).

The aim is to show you (the patrons and library stakeholders) how the Clue Detective puzzles work, and how you can get the most out of them at your library.  If your library is already a Clue Detective subscriber, you will have immediate access.  If not, and you enjoy the puzzles, you may wish to make a purchase recommendation for the benefit of all patrons.   It’s also a new way to connect and make new friends with people who share a common interest.


You can register for as many events as you wish. Please let us know the dates you wish to attend in the Message field.  We will send you a separate Zoom invite for each event.

25 January 2023

22 February 2023

29 March 2023

26 April 2023

24 May 2023

28 June 2023

26 July 2023

30 August 2023

27 September 2023

25 October 2023

29 November 2023 

31 January 2024

Please note: Alternative times can be arranged by appointment.


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