Solve Clue Detective Codeword Puzzles Online

Clue Detective codeword puzzles can be solved online individually or in a group.  They are a great way to get together with friends and family for a fun session of active learning.  By the same token, its also enjoyable to sit down on your own with a codeword to be engaged and absorbed until you have deciphered the numerical sequence that cracks the code and even more feeling the satisfaction as you fill the last square of the grid!

13×13 Codewords

15×15 Codewords

21×21 Codewords

Codeword puzzles are enjoyable (everyday) leisure activities and ideal for challenging the brain. However, behind the scenes, they are helping the puzzler improve their concentration, logic, stamina, focus and critical thinking.  They are also wonderful for building good language and literacy skills, facilitating social interaction and building resilience to combat anxiety.  Discover the many benefits of solving these engaging puzzles today!

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