Clue Detective introduces the CUSP Principle!

It is quite clear, solving puzzles has a huge range of benefits that can never be underestimated.  Clue Detective has developed the CUSP Principle (Connect Up (with Others) to Solve Puzzles) that embraces the benefits of solving puzzles for health and wellbeing.  Build a Puzzling Hub in Your Library The school library is one of the […]

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Clue Detective Filmograppuzzle Cryptograms!

Introducing the Clue Detective Filmograppuzzle Have you tried a Filmograppuzzle yet?  They are a cryptogram we have designed on the theme of movies. A Portrait of An Actor Each Filmograppuzzle centres around an actor and a short list of movies (filmography) they have appeared in.  The puzzle is based on an Alphabet Swap Code, where one […]

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Benefits of Puzzle Games For The Over 60s

We are all familiar with the popular saying “a busy mind is a happy one”, and there is strong support to the hypothesis that maintaining active cognitive function can help to ward off dementia in old-age, but how much truth is there in it? It’s surely also no surprise that millions of people across the […]

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Boost Your Logic With Cryptogram Puzzles

Have you ever solved a cryptogram?  They are a lot of fun and, I would say, potentially  addictive! Once you start, you simply have to sit there until you have cracked the code! You really get an appreciation of the work done by the dedicated codebreakers at Bletchley Park during World War II. Cryptograms and Codewords Close Relations […]

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Play the Librarian’s Cat Word Game

When I was a child, my grandmother introduced my sister, brother and I to a great word building game.  It is called The Librarian’s Cat.  I would like to share it with you.  If you are looking for word puzzle games to play with your kids, then this it. Kids don’t have to have all […]

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How to solve codewords

Codewords are crosswords without written clues.  You are provided with a grid, and each square contains a number 1 to 26 (ie. the letters of the alphabet).   You are given a small number of letters to start you off.  Your challenge is to study the numerical patterns in the grid, and using your literacy and […]

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