About the Clue Detective

Even as a young child Catherine Eagleson (aka the Clue Detective) was destined to become a wordsmith.  As a 7-year-old, her grandmother was always giving her great spelling challenges; words such as ‘government’ and ‘amazement’, for example.

Catherine has been developing word puzzle games for over 20 years.  She gets huge enjoyment from creating problems for other people to solve. “Putting all the pieces of the puzzle together and then writing the clues is also a mental work out for her, just as it is for the puzzler trying to solve them. In many ways, and it’s a form of escapism. All clues need to be researched, and she is always learning something new.

With the arrival of the COVID era, more and more people are struggling with their mental health.  One of the benefits of solving puzzles is that they can alleviate anxiety  It does this by helping puzzlers to engage their brains in a challenging and enjoyable activity that will provide a sense of achievement .

The Clue Detective Puzzle Portal is now an electronic resource that can be used in schools, workplaces and public libraries.  

Catherine warmly invites you to join the Clue Detective’s puzzling community, and discover the benefits it has to offer you.  Feel free to send her a message to find out more.


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