Solving Puzzles on the CUSP

Clue Detective has come up with an acronym that embraces the benefits of solving puzzles for health and wellbeing, social interaction and active learning and literacy. It applies to puzzlers of all ages, The acronym is CUSP, and it stands for Catch Up (With Friends) to Solve Puzzles.

In 2022, the Clue Detective is very excited to be launching CUSP Pop Up Puzzling Sessions for public libraries via Zoom.  These will be available to your patrons provided your library is a Clue Detective subscriber.  We hope to foster many inter-puzzling activities with libraries, and build our puzzling community more than every before. We even plan to go across time-zones, and would love you to join us.

CUSP highlights the benefits of solving puzzles

  • Online Puzzle Delivery
    The days where puzzlers were compelled to solving puzzles on paper are well and truly gone. Clue Detective offers a fantastic online puzzling interface which can be accessed by individuals and classes and staff-rooms alike.  This makes them the ideal remote learning activity that is completely COVID-safe for all.
  • Enhanced language and literacy skills
    Puzzlers can enjoy the challenge of solving a crossword/codeword. To (successfully) complete the puzzle, the puzzler’s spelling needs to be correct, and working together to get it exactly right is a lot of fun.  Imagine the number of new words and interesting facts you will learn!  A puzzle also provides an element of fun and mystery.  Solvers can imagine themselves playing detective or codebreaker, and at the same time be learning language principles.  Puzzling is a wonderful lifelong learning activity.  Your vocabulary can never be too big
  • Maintain good mental health, wellbeing and self-esteem
    Research shows that 3 in 4 people with a mental illness develop symptoms before the age of 25. This strongly suggests that there will be students who are suffering from anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues during their school years; and into their latter years,  Caring for our mental health is something we can never neglect.  It is a lifelong concern for us all.  We live in a time when the workplace is often extremely stressful.  It is important to take time out during the day to recharge the batteries, and solving a puzzle is the perfect way to do this.  While it can be quietly enjoyable to solve a puzzle on your own, it is also a lot of fun to get together with your work colleagues.  It is also a way to connect if you are working remotely and see how everyone is going.

Make your public library your puzzling hub of the universe

Staying connected is vital and forming a CUSP Club is a fun way that will encourage connection and social interaction among puzzlers.  The public library is the hub of any community and they can offer a range of electronic resources in cost-effective way to all their users; ie. patrons have (free) full access as part of their library membership.

Clue Detective is proud to partner with public libraries to offer an enjoyable, engaging and educational activity that helps patrons in many different ways.  Puzzles can be solved in the library or remotely.  Libraries have their ability to reach out to their various stakeholders (e.g. schools, local companies/businesses, retirement living, neighbourhood houses, hospitals)  and promote the benefits of puzzling to their patrons.  All that is required to start a voyage of discovery is a library card!

Solving puzzles in your public library offers a huge range of benefits They can, and should be appreciated from a young age.  Puzzling is definitely not just a pastime you pick up when you retire!

If you would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.