Solving Puzzles on the CUSP

Clue Detective has developed a concept that embraces the benefits of playing puzzle games for all ages. We call it solving puzzles on the CUSP, which stands for Catch Up (With Friends) to Solve Puzzles.

on the cusp


He is on the cusp of being a star.

on the cusp between childhood and adolescence
I was born on the cusp between Virgo and Libra

by solving (Clue Detective) puzzles, you are on the cusp of improving your education and mental health/fitness

Puzzling for mental health

Puzzle games are enjoyable (everyday) leisure activities. However, behind the scenes, they are helping the puzzler improve their concentration, logic, stamina, focus and critical thinking.  They are also wonderful for building good language and literacy skills and facilitating social interaction.

For too long, society has a whole has felt threated by mental illness. This has created widespread fear and stigma.  We need to stamp this out and take control.  The best strategy we can adopt is to work together to help each other. Education is what is needed most.  Often mindful activities where focus and concentration are required can be extremely helpful. They give the puzzler the opportunity to actively engage their brain, be in the moment, and provide relief from the anxiety they are experiencing.

Solve Clue Detective Puzzles

What the research tells us

Research shows that three out of four people with a mental illness develop symptoms before the age of 25, and alarmingly, 50% of these cases will manifest by the time the person is 14.  This highlights the need to act early.

If children can be shown the benefits of solving puzzles early on it will hopefully help them to develop coping mechanism, which helps them to build resilience as they go through life.  Having to work through a puzzle is like having to work through an everyday problem.

Caring for our mental health is something none of us can ever neglect. It should be a lifelong focus for us all.  Some people will be very lucky and not have to face any difficulties, however many will not.  If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we should never become complacent.

The benefits of forming a CUSP club

Solving puzzles in a group is a wonderful way to stay connected.  Getting together with friends is one of the most important activities we can engage in.  It is a helpful way to regularly re-connect, de-stress and enjoy each other’s company and see how everyone is going. If a regular attendee is suddenly missing, it should prompt you to check in on them.

We all know from COVID lockdowns, the effects of isolation and loneliness are extremely debillitating.  We have had to think outside the box as to what activities we can use to engage ourselves when we just have to stay at home.  It has also given us the opportunity to actively experience technological advances such as as Zoom.  It’s not even necessary for puzzlers to be in the same location.  Providing you have the time-zone right, you can connect with anyone in the world.

A CUSP club can be established anywhere.  Ideal locations include (public or school) libraries  When a library subscribes, it can act as a community puzzling hub.  The Clue Detective puzzle portal software can be integrated a library’s website so that patrons can login remotely.

Solve Clue Detective Puzzles

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