Solving Puzzles on the CUSP

Clue Detective has developed a concept that embraces the benefits of solving puzzles for the mental health of all ages.  It encompasses fostering good mental health and well-being, building social interaction, and is ultimately a coping strategy for suicide prevention.   We call it solving puzzles on the CUSP.  The CUSP Principle stands for Catch Up (With Friends) to Solve Puzzles.

Caring for our mental health is something we can never neglect.  It should be a lifelong focus for us all.  We live in a time of great stress, which currently is being exacerbated by the COVID pandemic and its aftermath.  Research shows that three out of four people with a mental illness develop symptoms before the age of 25. It highlights the need to act early.  Some students are suffering from anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues during their school years, and this will continue once they join the workforce. If they can be shown the benefits of solving puzzles early on it will hopefully provide them with a viable coping mechanism.  This is not to say, it will make the problem go away altogether, but it can offer a way to ameliorate it.

The benefits of forming a CUSP club

It is important to take time out during the day to recharge the batteries, and solving a puzzle is the perfect way to do this.  While it can be quietly enjoyable to solve a puzzle on your own, it is also a lot of fun to get together with your classmates/work colleagues.  It is a helpful way to connect, de-stress and see how everyone is going.

One of the biggest benefits of puzzling in a group is staying connected.  A CUSP club can be established anywhere – in a workplace’s staff room, a public library, the local pub, a hospital ward where patients are looking for something to do, or friends simply getting together regularly in a cafe.

We’d love to hear about your CUSP club and how you are enjoying the many benefits puzzling has to offer.  Why not drop us a line below?

Join Clue Detective for weekly puzzling.

Clue Detective is very excited to announce that we have launched our very own online CUSP club.  Join us for solving puzzles on the CUSP.

Our first session will be held on Wednesday 30 November, at 8 pm (AEDST) via Zoom for 1-2 hours.  Discover the benefits of puzzling and meet fellow puzzling enthusiasts.  Register here and we will send you a Zoom invite.