Word Puzzle Games Make Learning Fun!

If you have school-age children, crosswords and other types of puzzle games are great activities to supplement with their regular schoolwork.  They don’t have to stop learning just because they have come home.  If you have several children at school,  having a spelling bee around the dinner table is a great idea! You can choose to practise the spelling words they are learning at school, but don’t be afraid add some extra words to boost their general knowledge and vocabulary.

Make up your own trivia questions

You might also like to run your own general knowledge quiz.  It can be great fun devising your own trivia questions, all you need is your imagination and general knowledge.  Our family used to do this when I was a child.  One of our favourite subjects was  Capital Cities.  It didn’t matter that my sister was two years younger, it was something we could both learn together, and we both relished the challenge when Dad asked us what the capital of Nicaragua was!

Alternatively if you have ideas about puzzle/quiz topics, and aren’t sure where to start, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We are happy to write something for you and add it to the Clue Detective website so all puzzlers can benefit.

Solve word puzzle games

Why not try some kids crosswords on the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency website?  Crosswords and other puzzles are great for kids.  They will have fun, and at the same time it is an educational experience for them as well.  It will help them improve their spelling and build their vocabulary, which in turn will help with their school assignments.

Get the whole family puzzling together and have fun!

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