Benefits of Puzzling

Clue Detective puzzles are a great activity for solvers to enjoy all year round. They are educational, fun and also beneficial for maintaining good mental fitness. We add new puzzles to the portal on an ongoing basis, as well as welcome your specific requests.

At Clue Detective, there is something to suit the needs of all puzzlers.  Enjoy the challenge of solving our range of (original) online crosswords, codewords, cryptograms, sudoku and much more.

Become a member of puzzling community via your library

10 good reasons to start solving puzzles!

  1. Puzzling suits all ages.
  2. Puzzles are engaging, educational activities.
  3. Puzzles can be designed around a huge range of topics.
  4. Puzzling provides mentally stimulating fun!
  5. Enjoy a puzzling Get together for a (home/library) Zoom puzzling session.  They are lots of fun and are COVID-safe!
  6. Ideal for boosting vocabulary and general knowledge.
  7. A fantastic electronic resource for (public and school) libraries.  Your entire community can gain access to puzzles at any time, from anywhere using a secure (EZProxy) login.  Barcode recognition can also be provided.
  8. Clue Detective is the proud developer of the Puzzling for Mental Health Initiative. With the arrival of the COVID-19 (global) pandemic, puzzles have proved to a be a great activity for dealing with mental health and the consequences of being isolated.
  9. Puzzles are a great intergenerational activity, a wonderful opportunity for older members of the family to interact with the children.
  10. Regular puzzling may help to ward off Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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