Solving crosswords at a social distance

By Asuquo Udofia

Two is company, three is a crowd – and literally so these days in cities across the world because of COVID-19.  Social distancing… self-isolation… lockdown.   These terms have been added to vocabularies with the spread of the coronavirus. In many parts of the world, social distancing has meant a lockdown of whole cities, regions and, even, countries. According to the BBC, focusing on our mental wellbeing is vital to enable us to weather the storm.

Adjusting to a new way of life

We have had to make major changes to how we live our lives.  This has included minimising physical interaction in public places, the cancelling of large iconic events, and even prohibiting family gatherings.  The mantra? Stay at Home!

While they say home is where the heart is, adjusting to the circumstances forced on us by the pandemic has not been easy for some. The disruptions of routine, restriction of movements and curbing of social interactions, and lockdown loneliness has taken a huge toll on many peoples’ mental health.

Solving crosswords puzzles is the perfect ‘isolation’ activity

Even so, this stay-at-home time can be quality time.  Filled with familiar or new activities of interest, this can be one long jolly good time. Solving crosswords is one activity that is suited to the times. It’s just what the doctor ordered for recreation in isolation.

Since COVID-19 broke out, many peoples’ word bank have grown by at least two terms: lockdown and social distancing. Solving crosswords not only boosts vocabulary but also general knowledge, introducing you to new things, people and places.

Furthermore, solving crosswords helps to keep the brain fit. Solving cryptic crosswords is like getting into a brain gym. Cryptics give the grey cells a rejuvenating workout as well as improve lateral thinking skills. Also, there is the aha moment to relish in endorphin-laden glee, when you eventually puzzle out a tricky clue.

Solving puzzles offers something for everyone

With the developments in technology, just because you are in isolation, doesn’t mean you have to be isolated.  Staying connected with friends while during these challenging times is vital for us all.  It is easy to catch up and solve puzzles with friends via Zoom.  There are so many types of puzzles, it’s not difficult to find one that suits your needs.