Crack the Codeword Games

Most people would agree there is always something mysterious about a coded message.  In a scene from the movie The Imitation Game (starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley) the young (computer scientist genius) Alan Turing and his friend Christopher are discussing cryptograms.  Christopher says they look difficult to solve, but it is possible as long as you have a key.  That’s why at Clue Detective’s our favourite puzzle game is crack the codeword!

Each codeword puzzle has a unique (random) code.  Each number represents a letter; R might be 9 and X might be 18.

In the majority of cases, the given number of starter letters (the key) is one or three. Occasionally, there is more, and if we are feeling particularly devious, we provide you with no letters as a real challenge.  We have had requests for this from time to time.

When you see a “crack the codeword” puzzle for the first time, there is always an air of intrigue and impossibility about it.  Where do you start with a grid full of numbers representing letters of the alphabet?  It’s all about analysing the patterns in the numbers and converting them into letters, using the starter letter/s you are provided with.

Your main challenge is to use your knowledge of the structure of the English language to crack the code.  Not only are you a codebreaker, you are a morphologist, a person who studies the structure of words and their parts.

Challenge Yourself to “Crack the Codeword”

5 benefits of playing ‘Crack the Codeword’!

Solve a codeword to enhance your literacy skills

One of the fundamental differences between codewords and crosswords is  you don’t have to worry about words mean.  That comes when you have them all decoded.  Make sure you have your trusty dictionary on standby to check any words that are unfamiliar.  You will still be adding them to your growing vocabulary.  At no matter what age we are it is still possible to actively learn through words; consequently building our general knowledge.

Cracking codewords help build logic and critical thinking skills

Codewords or codebreakers, as they are sometimes called are clueless crosswords.  Solving this type of puzzle is a brilliant way to hone your logic and critical thinking skills.   Your challenge is to ‘convert’ the numbers into how they appear as letters.  Thus, you start with a mysterious grid, and you end up with list of words.   It’s very satisfying!

Solving codeword puzzles help you to practise mindfulness

Playing Clue Detective codewords provide a great opportunity for your to take time out from your busy day, and be in the moment.  This is particularly so if you are feeling a bit anxious or stressed.  By focusing on (and hopefully being successful in) solving the codeword, stress and anxiety can be replaced with relaxation, calm and feel-good energy.

Play Crack the Codeword on the go

Codewords are like Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham… you can solve them here and there, and you can solve them anywhere! They are perfect to tackle on the daily commute to and from work, or over a quiet coffee-break. They are completely portable; all you need is your smartphone or iPad and your stylus pen and you are ready to go.

Have a Crack the Codeword party… at home or at work!

At Clue Detective we believe strongly in the role of play in the workplace and community setting.  If you think solving codewords might be fun to solve in a group, you are absolutely right.  Get together with a group of friends or colleagues and enjoy a session of word power mental gymnastics; just for fun or as a (company) teambuilding exercise. Sit down with you children and play Crack the Codeword as a fun vocabulary building session. We always welcome suggestions of words that are being included in the class spelling lists.

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