Zoom In to Solve Codeword Puzzles

Playing online word games such as codewords is extremely beneficial for you no matter what your age. They are great for improving your general knowledge, vocabulary, not to mention your logic and critical thinking skills. There is always an element of mystery and fun when you solve codeword puzzles. They are perfect to solve on your iPad or mobile device, and will keep you entertained wherever you are.

The advantages of solving codeword puzzles online

There are many advantages of playing a codeword as an online word game. This puzzle allows you to experiment with different letter possibilities without having to write in the letter in and then rub it out if you find out it is incorrect. All you need to do is delete the letter and try again.  It is a educational and entertaining way for puzzlers to boost their vocabularies.

Solve codewords in the ‘Zoom Room’

Cracking codewords is ideal for avid puzzlers in our electronic age.  They can also be played in a group.  They are the ideal game to play during a get-together on Zoom.  Every person’s input is valuable, and it is a great feeling for everyone when someone finally cracks the code.  Everyone feels they have contributed to solving the puzzle.  There are at least 26 opportunities for find where a letter fits in a grid.

Form a Zoom puzzle club

Why not set up a Zoom puzzle club for you and your friends?  In these times where we are needing to practise social distancing, it is a perfect way to catch up and stay safe.  You may not be able to meet fact to face, but the most important thing is staying connected with each other.  If some of the members of the group are new to Zoom, use it as an opportunity to show each other how to broaden your skills.  It’s also a brilliant way to meet new people.  Invite everyone to bring a friend.  Don’t forget, it’s very easy to cross time zones with Zoom.  Take the opportunity to invite friends from other countries.  Just make sure the time-zones are in sync!