Problem Solving With Puzzles

Many of the challenges you encounter in life are physical and emotional.  Puzzles, such as crosswords, codewords, sudoku and trivia quizzes are brain challenges, where you need to use your knowledge of the English language, word structure and general facts, as well as your logic skills to find the answer.  We have profiled several popular puzzles and how they achieve this goal.

Problem solving with crosswords 

With a a crossword, you are presented with an empty grid and a series of clues .  At the start you can feel a sense of being overwhelmed, but as you start to enter the answers, and join the letters together, the picture and the problem becomes much clearer.

Improve your problem solving and logic with codewords and codewords 

A codeword is similar, except you don’t have clues, rather a letter and number code to crack, using several given letters that you are provided with at the outset.  A sudoku is a number logic puzzle.  In order to solve one, you need to follow the basic rule.  Each column, row and small group of 3×3 squares need to contain the numbers 1-9, with no numbers repeated.   This is sometimes easily said that done, because the configuration of the numbers in the grid determines the level of difficulty 0f the puzzle.  It’s all about correct placement and process of elimination.

A fun way to improve problem solving skills

All these puzzles are different in their basic characteristics, however, once solved, the result is the same for you the puzzler.  It is like solving any problem successfully.  You will feel a great sense of achievement

Given these points,, it is very clear the benefits of solving provide to improving your problem solving skills.  While you are focusing on an enjoyable activity, you can work through a problem to its logical (satisfactory) conclusion.  It is good for your mental health and may help you develop better coping strategies for other aspects of your life.


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