15×15 Crack the Codeword puzzles 41-50

Codewords are crosswords without written clues.  You are provided with a grid, and each square contains a number 1 to 26 (ie. the letters of the alphabet).

With each puzzle, you are given a small number of letters to start you off.  Your challenge is to study the numerical patterns in the grid, and using your literacy, logic and critical thinking skills tp crack the inbuilt code and spell out all the words. For example P might be 18 and X might be 9.  These given letters are your clues, or the key to solving the puzzle.

Once you have completed the grid, your word power challenge doesn’t stop there. You can then spend some time reviewing the words and seeing how many you know, and checking the meanings of the ones you don’t.  This will build your vocabulary and general knowledge.

Codeword 50 | Starter letters: 3

Codeword 49 | Starter letters: 3

Codeword 48 | Starter letters: 3

Codeword 47 | Starter letters: 3

Codeword 46 | Starter letters: 1

Codeword 45 | Starter letters: 1

Codeword 44 | Starter letters: 1

Codeword 43 | Starter letters: 1

Codeword 42 | Starter letters: 3

Codeword 41 | Starter letters: 1

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