Clue Detective Codeword Subscriptions

A Clue Detective subscription offers a state of the art puzzling experience. At Clue Detective our passion is words and knowledge.  Puzzlers everywhere can enjoy the benefits of solving our great range of codewords. These brain teasing activities are guaranteed to provide hours of challenge and fun, as well as being able to provide a helpful tool for alleviating anxiety.

New codewords are added on a regular basis.

When you sign up you receive:

– Unlimited access to the Clue Detective Codeword Portal, all year round, 24/7.

– The ability to access puzzles on all your devices, mobile, laptop, tablet, PC.

– Solve puzzles wherever you are: at home, during your daily commute/long-haul flight, in your favourite cafe.

– Quick and easy setup
– Your own personal unique secure login authentication
– Ongoing support
– New “crack the codeword” puzzles added regularly.
– Notification when puzzles are added

Individual annual subscription cost: $49.95 per year

One of the best things about a Clue Detective online puzzle membership is that you can solve puzzles with them either face to face or interactively via Zoom.  It’s a great way to spend quality time and have fun.

Subscribe to Clue Detective Codewords

If you would like join the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency, please fill in your details below.  Once we receive your purchase request, we will be in touch to set up your account and will send you an invoice.



Clue Detective puzzles also make a great gift idea

Does a friend or family member enjoy solving puzzles? Look no further than a Clue Detective gift membership.  These are very easy to set up and include a personalised gift certificate containing a unique login url that will have them puzzling immediately.

Organisational puzzle subscriptions

Subscription plans are also available for organisations such as public and school libraries.  Please contact us for more information and a quote.

Clue Detective Codeword Puzzles in Print

Do you prefer solving puzzles on paper.  Clue Detective now offers a series of codeword books which also make a great gift idea as well as a wonderful mindfulness tool.  There is nothing better than to take time out from your busy day with the challenge of a puzzle, where you can just be in the moment and have the satisfaction of cracking the code and solving the puzzle.

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