Solving Puzzles Helps Ease Panic Attacks

Panic attacks affect millions of people, young and old, around the world. They can be extremely debilitating.  However, we have some good news.  Research has discovered that solving a humble puzzle can be a useful tool to help keep them at bay.

An article published in Psychology Today says that the best way to combat panic attacks is to engage your brain.

How Solving Puzzles Can Help

There are two reasons why puzzle games will help to combat panic attacks and anxiety.  The medical reason is that logic puzzles, such as crosswords, codewords and sudoku stimulate the area of the brain that manages logic and concentration.  Strengthening that part of the brain will help to reduce the impact from the more emotional, panic-stricken side.   The non-medical reason is that turning your mind to something fun, absorbing and challenging will use up the time and concentration that you would otherwise allow for worrying.

Solving puzzles : a good mental health first aid strategy

As the saying goes… to be forewarned is forearmed.  The great thing about puzzles is that they are extremely portable, so you can have one ready wherever you are.  You never know when a panic attack is going to strike.  When you feel the symptoms start, grab your iPad, and login to your favourite puzzle site. Once you start focusing on your selected brainteaser, after a while, you will feel a release that will help you to cope.  The good news is that your panic attacks will pass.  They aren’t permanent.  Solving your puzzles is an invaluable pastime that can help you work through a difficult mental health episode and regain your composure.

Develop a puzzle support group

When you are experiencing anxiety and panic attacks, you often feel very alone. But there is strength in numbers. There are many many people who are suffering these experiences just like you. You may like to consider setting up a puzzle solving group at your school or public library. Knowing you have like minded people you can call on can make all the difference. You will make new friends and enjoy the challenge of solving the puzzles together.

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