Mystery Song Sonnet 2

A Clue Detective Mystery Song Sonnet is a popular song disguised as a sonnet; a poetical form regularly used by William Shakespeare.

Your challenge is to read the sonnet through and using your general knowledge and logical skills determine what the song is.

Mystery Song Sonnet 2 – “My Maidenhead Restored”

A lonely wilderness I somehow crossed
The woods were deep, yet somehow I prevailed I found thee,
and I saw that I’d been lost.
I felt forlorn, I felt that I had failed. But now rejuvenation is within With thee,
I am a maid once more and chaste;
Thy hand the first to tempt me into sin Thy heart against my own when we embraced.
I know the love I offer will endure,
‘Tis set aside for thee; my fear I shed For with thee, I feel dauntless and secure;
Thy passion thawed what once was cold and dead. My sense is that by taking thee aboard,
My maidenhead was magic’ly restored!

What is the Mystery Song?