Puzzles Designed for Your Readers

Puzzles have long been a ‘filler’ for a wide range of publications, from the major dailies to corporate newsletters.

Clue Detective specialises in designing enjoyable and engaging puzzles that will greatly satisfy your organisation’s publishing requirements and keep your readers coming back for more.  It provides them with the opportunity to engage with the other content you wish to make available to them.

Offer your readers the opportunity to engage with a puzzle

Clue Detective can work with your publications team to create a one-off puzzle when required, or you may wish to feature them on a regular basis, in which case a package can be designed, which offers variety as well as value for money,  Puzzles can also be designed around particular themes, and can be used as a subtle way of marketing to your audience.  They can even include a message to decode at the end!

If you would like more information or a quote, please send us a message.