Puzzling Via Your Library

If your library is a Clue Detective subscriber, as a patron, you get full access as part of your membership.  Solve puzzles in the library or remotely – at home, in your favourite cafe or sitting on a park bench; the opportunities are endless!

** Clue Detective Subscribers and Free Trial Holders** 

What are the benefits of a library puzzle membership?

A Clue Detective library membership allows you to participate in group library game based learning activities and solve your favourites independently.   It also gives the wonderful opportunity to enjoy connecting with like-minded cruciverbalists near and far.  We also welcome your suggestions about the puzzle topics you would like covered.

Starting a library online puzzle club is a fantastic way for a group of library patrons who share a passion for puzzling to get together especially during this time of increased social distancing.  You can have fun and improve your vocabulary, logic and literacy without even leaving home.

Solving online puzzles is an activity that can be used as part of a library services program for all ages. It ticks many boxes.  While participants are solving their favourite puzzle, and having fun with friends, they can also enjoying the benefits of boosting their digital literacy by becoming more familiar with using their device, which will translate into using it for other activities.  It can also aid patrons’ mental health.

Join the Clue Detective’s puzzling community

If your library doesn’t currently subscribe, and you would like to see how Clue Detective puzzles can be used as an electronic resource, we can arrange a free, no-obligation ‘pop up’ online puzzling session.  Get together with staff and/or patrons and enjoy some puzzling fun.

Clue Detective uses EZProxy and barcode recognition for library authentication.

For more information, send us a message