Puzzling Via Your Library

It is very easy to enjoy puzzling via your public or school library.  We now have so many technological devices at our disposal.  It is very easy to enjoy solving puzzles with a group of fellow cruciverbalists.  Solvers don’t even have to be in the same room any more, which is ideal in this COVID era.

Some of the benefits of puzzling are:

  • Building (individual and collective) general knowledge
  • Increasing vocabulary
  • Sharpening thinking and logic skills
  • Socially interacting with other people (while social distancing)
  • Positive activities to focus on when feeling anxious
  • Maintaining good mental fitness

Form a library puzzle club

A Clue Detective online puzzle club can be set up and run from anywhere. If your library is a Clue Detective subscriber, you as a patron, get automatic access as part of your membership. If they don’t subscribe, ask a member of your library staff to see if it’s possible to purchase the portal as an e-resource.

Forming an online puzzle club via your public library is a fantastic way for a group of library patrons to get together especially during this time of social distancing.  You can have fun and  improve your vocabulary, logic and (digital) literacy without even leaving home.

Once you join, you can all solve Clue Detective puzzles to your heart’s content and make use of your library’s great facilities at the same time.  With COVID-19 restrictions in place, puzzling via your public library is a great way to stay connected and keep your mind active!  Book your group into use the Clue Detective portal at your library via a Zoom meeting.  It’s a win win for everyone!

Solving puzzles has so many benefits!

Solving online puzzles is an activity that can be used as part of an adult (library) services  program. It ticks many boxes.  While participants are solving their favourite puzzle, and having fun with friends, they can also enjoying the benefits of boosting their digital literacy by becoming more familiar with using their device, which will translate into using it for other activities.

Try Clue Detective Puzzles On Zoom

If you would like to see how Clue Detective puzzles can be used as an electronic resource in your public library, we can arrange free, no-obligation Pop Up Puzzling session on Zoom.  Get together with patrons and staff, and enjoy some puzzling fun.

Send us a message, or contact our distributor Digitales for more information.