E-Learning with Crossword Puzzles

eLearning is an excellent way for business and educational organisations to present their training and development materials.  It is a very cost-effective form of training and it allows employees or students to do the training whenever it suits them.

When designing your e-course you will need to build in some form of testing and assessment so that your employees can monitor their progress.  The results will also show you whether your training materials are adequate or not.

Crosswords are a great tool to use when you need to assess someone’s knowledge on a particular topic.  Course designers can build them in to test vocabulary but they can also be used to assess the actual standard of learning.  Careful construction of clues and answers will let course designers assess what knowledge the employees have retained during the course.

Not only can puzzles be used for assessment, they can also help your employees and students to retain knowledge.  By completing a crossword your employee has a fun way to help them remember what they have just learnt.  A carefully constructed crossword will reinforce all the important points of learning.

If you are the e-course designer for your business or college, you might like to consider adding crosswords to your courses as an assessment tool.    The Clue Detective Puzzle Agency offers a range of freelance puzzle design services that can easily be incorporated into e-courses.  For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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