Decryptocodes – Movies

A decryptocode for movie buffs!

A decryptocode (cryptogram) puzzle is a Clue Detective original.  It is a cipher based on a particular theme.  Each letter of the alphabet has been substituted by another to form a code.  You are given three letters to start you off, and your challenge is to crack the code in order to decipher and spell out all the titles. Note:  Not all the letters of the alphabet are used.

Walk the ‘Decryptocode Red Carpet’ with

Movie Decryptocode 9 – Helen Mirren

Movie Decryptocode 8 – Gary Oldman

Movie Decryptocode 7 – Frances McDormand

Movie Decryptocode 6 – Russell Crowe

Movie Decryptocode 5 – Meryl Streep 

Movie Decryptocode 4 – Sean Connery 

Movie Decryptocode 3 – Nicole Kidman  

Movie Decryptocode 2 – Alan Rickman  

Movie Decryptocode 1 – Tom Hanks

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