Discover the benefits of solving puzzles

Discover the benefits of solving puzzles.  We invite you to join the Clue Detective’s puzzling community, and become part of a like-minded group that enjoys learning and keeping their brain active.

Enjoy Clue Detective puzzles all year round

person solving online crossword puzzles

The Clue Detective’s Online Puzzle Portal contains a range of original crosswords (quick, cryptic and general knowledge), codewords, sudoku and trivia quizzes.  This database is constantly being added to.  All  puzzles can be solved on a PC, iPad, laptop or smartphone, and access is available via a subscription.

Build your own puzzling community

People solving crossword puzzles in a group online

Solving puzzles is an activity that can benefit people of all ages in a variety of social (learning) environments.

Our research has shown us that one of the most effective ways to solve puzzles is in a group.  Hence, we make our puzzling subscriptions available to organisations for the benefit of all their members.

A good example of this is a public library.  Once a subscription is purchased for everyone, library staff can organise a regular event such as a puzzle club which members can attend.  They will meet new people, and make new, like-minded friends.  Everyone can be involved in solving the puzzles, contributing from their own general knowledge and feeling a sense of collective satisfaction when the puzzle is completed.




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