Clue Detective : Puzzling With a Modern-Day Twist

The crossword puzzle has come a long way since it was invented by Arthur Wynne in 1913. Technology has advanced so far in last 100+ years. There are many ways to solve a crossword that he could only have dreamt about.

At the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency, our mission is to create brain teasing word games that will entertain, challenge all ages, as well as teach the puzzler ways to expand their vocabulary and general knowledge.

Solving puzzles…. 21st century-style

Playing puzzles such as crosswords has traditionally been regarded as a rather solitary activity.  Solving your favourite daily puzzle has been seen as a pastime generally for one person.  However, many of our 21st century technological innovations make it possible for games such as crossword, codeword and sudoku puzzles to be adapted for a group.  All it takes is a little imagination.

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Interactive puzzling fosters learning and social connection

With the aid of our modern-day devices such as laptops, flat-screen TV monitors, HDMI cables and now Zoom meetings, it is very easy to play these iconic word games in a group setting.  Set up the puzzle in a place where everyone can see it, and then start solving.

Playing puzzles online has many educational, recreational and (mental) health benefits.  It is a wonderful way to bring people together.  Puzzlers can learn (new words and facts), and boost their knowledge at the same time.  Best of all, it is a lot of fun.

Community-based puzzling and learning

Clue Detective believes in making their puzzles accessible to many.  We offer a subscription to libraries, which gives all patrons access.  It is a community resource and therefore makes it much more cost effective.

We welcome suggestions of words, topics and other material.  For example if a nine year old patron living in London wants to solve a word find puzzle about dogs, we design it, put it on the portal and then the entire Clue Detective puzzling community has access. All they need is a library card.

Become a Clue Detective today!

We love to hear from all our puzzlers.  If there is a Clue Detective puzzle you particularly enjoy solving, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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