Trivia Quiz 22

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1. In which month of the year does Prince William, Duke of Cambridge celebrate his birthday?

2. Who developed the concept of the Six Thinking Hats?

3. In navigation a loxodrome is also known as a what line? 

4. What is the term for garlic mayonnaise?

5.  Which actor was born Maurice Micklewhite?

6. Which chemical element has the atomic number 50?

7.  If a person suffers from anthrophobia, what are they frightened of?

8. Which re-developed precinct was unveiled in Sydney in 1988?

9.  Which country’s national flag is called the Dannebrog?

10. “Twenty minutes later, they left Eeylops ___ Emporium, which had been full of rustling and flickering, jewel-bright eyes.” J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

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