Tools To Help You Solve Crossword Puzzles

Sometimes you just can’t figure out the answer and it can be very frustrating.   Don’t worry, here are some great online crossword puzzle solving tools to help you out.

Crossword Dictionary is a great little site that will help you fill in those blanks.  I entered A..le as my incomplete word and the result listed 17 possibilities!  This tame little mind was thinking ‘apple’.  Hah!

One Across is able to analyse the blanks as well as the clue.  You can enter ‘red shiny fruit loved by Snow White’ or A..le.  How good is that?

Crossword Solver is another site that will help you to complete your word.  I entered the A..le clue and had 14 possibilities listed for me.

There are some other handy sites that every good crossword puzzler should know about and they include Dictionary.comMerriam-Webster and Macquarie Dictionary Online.  These will supply words, correct your spelling and tell you if the word you are thinking of is the right match for the clue.

If you prefer the traditional hardcopy dictionary, there are many to choose from on Fishpond.  Simply type in a term such as crossword dictionary or crossword puzzle dictionary, and it will come up many options for you to choose from.

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