Timeline Trivia Quiz – 24 October

Enjoy ‘travelling through time’ and learn about people and events, both famous and infamous you share your birthday with.

  1.  Which composer performed his first concert in Berlin on 24 October 1818, at the age of nine?
  2. On 24 October 1851, astronomer William Lassell discovered the satellites
    Ariel and Umbriel. To which planet do they belong?
  3. Which Australian state adopted their constitution on 24 October 1856?
  4.  Which female American daredevil became the first person to go over Niagara
    Falls in a barrel and lived to survive the feat. She performed this stunt on her
    63rd birthday, 24 October 1901?
  5. Who hit the charts with the song Take Me Outta the Ball Game on
    24 October 1908?
  6. Which pioneer aviator remained in the air for 9 minutes, 45 seconds on
    24 October 1911? It was a record he would hold for 10 years.
  7. Which explorer left with his expedition bound for the South Pole on
    24 October 1911?
  8. What name was given to 24 October 1929? It was the beginning of the
    stock market crash, and on that day the Dow Jones Industrial Average was
    down 12.8%.
  9. Which gangster was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment for tax evasion on
    24 October 1931?
  10. Which item of women’s clothing went on sale for the first time on
    24 October 1939?
  11. Which organisation’s charter came into effect on 24 October 1945?
  12.  Born on 24 October 1947, which actor is known for his performances in the
    movies The Big Chill (1983) and A Fish Called Wanda (1988)?
  13. Which Australian swimmer won gold in the men’s 200m freestyle, setting an
    Olympic record of 1:55.2 at the Mexico City Olympic Games on 24 October 1968?
  14. Which Canadian city’s first International Film Festival opened on
    24 October 1976?
  15. Which former Beatle was presented with a rhodium disc by the Guinness Book of Records on 24 October 1979? It was to recognise him as an all-time
    best-selling singer songwriter.
  16. Which artist painted Guernica (1937)? On 24 October 1981, it was put on
    display in Madrid to celebrate the centenary of his birth.
  17. 17. Which German tennis player played their first pro match on
    24 October 1982?
  18. Which Hungarian Argentine inventor patented the first successful ballpoint
    pen in 1943? He died on 24 October 1985.
  19. Which aircraft made its last commercial flight on 24 October 2003?
  20. Which scientist scribbled his Theory of Happiness on a note for a (Tokyo)
    bellboy in lieu of a tip in November 1922? The note sold at auction for
    $1.56m on 24 October 2017!


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