Timeline Trivia – 17 November

Do you celebrate your birthday on 17 November? 

Travel back in time, and test your knowledge.  Learn some interesting facts about famous, or perhaps infamous people and events that you share something in common with – the day you were born.

Trivia Quiz

1. Which monarch ascended to the British throne on
17  November 1558, following the death of her sister Queen
Mary I?

2. Which explorer became the first European to see Victoria Falls on 17 November 1855?

3. Which (artificial) waterway opened in Egypt on
17 November 1869, connecting the Mediterranean and Red Seas?

4. Which (artificial) waterway connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans?  A ship sailed through it for the first time on
17 November 1913.

5. Which set of siblings starred in the movie Duck Soup?  It was released in the US on 17 November 1933?

6. Which industry was nationalised by Britain’s House of Commons on 17 November 1948?

7. For which piece of computer equipment did Douglas Engelbert receive his patent on 17 November 1970?

8. Who released the album Double Fantasy on 17 November 1980?

9. Which singer starred in the movie Yentl?  It premiered on
17 November 1983.

10. Who wrote the play Rumors? It premiered in New York City on
17 November 1988.

11. Which (Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner) movie soundtrack was released on 17 November 1992?  It would be Billboard Album of the Year 1993.

12. At 21 years of age, who became the youngest singer to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on 17 November 2003?

13. Which movie based on the book by Stephanie Meyer premiered in Los Angeles on 17 November 2008?

14. Which German Red Bull driver won his record 8th consecutive Formula 1 race, with victory in the US Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas on 17 November 2013?


Help Us Fill The Calendar!  Do you, or a friend or family member enjoy a trivia quiz? Tell us the date you will born, and we will research the people and events that you share your special day with. Please include ‘Timeline Trivia’ in the subject.

Note: This trivia quiz is a work in progress.  Whenever we find clues that are applicable to this date, we will add them.

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