Suggestion Box

One of our primary aims at the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency is to boost the knowledge of all our puzzlers.

Everyone’s general knowledge and vocabulary is unique.  It is determined by our work, lifestyle, interests and the random facts we learn each and every day.

To help us create great puzzles, we would value your input.

Every subject has its own glossary of words.  So what does your knowledge consist of? Do you manufacture cider, and are well acquainted with the 49 apple varieties used to make this beverage? Are you a keen stargazer with a knowledge of all the moons of the planets? Do you take delight in discovering unusual, sesquipedalian (long, multi-syllabic) words? Perhaps you a traveller, fond of visiting English villages off the beaten track, whose names would make quirky clues.  Maybe your child has a spelling list that we can turn into a fun, (educational) word find?

All of these, and many many more form the basis of Clue Detective puzzles.  We would love to hear your suggestions, to help fellow members of our puzzling community enjoy the fun of lifelong learning.

Please list your suggestions here (eg. single word, list of words, topics for a word find, favourite quote). If we use your suggestions, you will receive 30 days complimentary access to Clue Detective puzzles.