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Our mission at Clue Detective is to create a puzzling community where we can all learn from each other.

Over the years, we have learnt that puzzlers have their preferred habits.  Some enjoy solving in a group, while others prefer completing a puzzle on their own.  We have found that different layouts suit different solving methods, and we are therefore developing two methods within our puzzle portal.

·       Solve Puzzles Online

·         Individual Puzzle Solving Module

Solving puzzles online

With the arrival of the Zoom era, we have discovered this platform solving puzzles in a group highly effective.  It is quite amazing to think that a group of people, all situated in different locations, and potentially different time zones can join in to solve the same puzzle.  It is an ideal activity for workplace team-building.

Another great way to facilitate a group puzzling session is by linking a laptop to a smart TV.  Puzzlers can take turns in taking ‘the controls’ and this helps boost (digital) literacy skills.

Enjoy solving puzzles the old fashioned way

Despite our digital age,there are people who still prefer solving a puzzle on paper.  It can be a more relaxed method, particularly if you are wanting to indulge in a period of mindfulness, or when you simply want to take a break from your screen.

We are in the process of creating a print version of all our online puzzles, so be sure to check back regularly.  Feel free to reach out and let us know which puzzles you enjoy solving the best, and we will fast-track them!

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