Running Your Puzzle Fundraising Drive

At Clue Detective, we offer puzzle subscriptions as an idea for your next fundraiser.,

Your supporters can enjoy the challenge of solving our range of (original)  online crosswords, codewords, sudoku and more.

It is a new and innovative way for your organisation to raise funds, while ensuring your community remains COVID-safe

How Clue Detective puzzle fundraising works

Provide your supporters with the opportunity to subscribe to Clue Detective. for 12 months  Puzzlers receive unlimited online access to puzzles for $59.95 per year.  At the same time your organisation receives $24 (per membership) to go towards your fundraising project.

Step 1  Distribute an order form and promote 

Design and distribute a hardcopy or online order form. Promote the fundraiser to your members for a designated period of time, both in house and via social media channels.
We recommend 4-6 weeks.

Remember, puzzles are universally popular, and Clue Detective has the potential to reach a global audience.

Step 2  Collecting and Ordering 

Collect your orders and money on the nominated day.  Your organisation then purchases each membership at the wholesale price of $35.95, retaining your fundraising profit of $24.00 per sale.


Order Your Puzzling Subscriptions Here

Step 3 Provide details of your subscribers


Download Fundraising Subscribers Detail Form

Please allow 2 weeks for Clue Detective accounts to be set up. 
Each subscriber will receive an email with a username and an introductory password.  They will also receive instructions about how they can change their password.