Rotarians Puzzling for Mental Health

Albert Einstein said, “in the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity…” Rotary is in the business of opening opportunities in no matter what situation the world finds itself in.  The COVID-19 pandemic is no exception.  This global event has turned the way Rotary clubs operate and raise funds on its head.  Rotarians are having to become far more circumspect when considering how they run their clubs and the types of activities they conduct in their communities.  The ‘traditional’ BBQ, market and art show may now no longer be the ‘default setting’.  Enter the Puzzling for Mental Health Initiative.

Change however, is not necessarily a bad thing. Rotary and its members have been known of doing some pretty amazing things over the last 115 years, including providing disaster relief, clean water, building schools and helping people improve their literacy and mental health, not to mention vaccinating countless children against polio.   Rotarians are extremely adaptable to any situation they put their minds to. It could be said that this global pandemic is our time to shine.   All that is required is some lateral thinking.

Puzzling can open an opportunity for Rotary clubs

One of the things we have become acutely conscious of is the effect that the pandemic is having on peoples’ mental health.  With the game-changing power of Zoom, a Rotary club can set up a service project in conjunction with their local public library.  Running puzzle sessions enables Rotarians reaches out to members of the community who may be struggling, offering them an (enjoyable) way to interact with others during lockdown.  At the same time it allows puzzlers to focus o

The safety of the community as well as Rotarians is paramount.  Zoom sessions are still an excellent option to maintain social connection and provide service above self.