Puzzling Via Your School Library

Offering puzzling as a library resource to your school community is a brilliant way to engage with students and put them on the path to life-long learning.

When your school library becomes a Clue Detective subscriber, puzzles can be accessed (within the library or remotely) by students, teachers, and parents any time, whether it be in the classroom, at home, during their daily commute or during their recess and or/lunch break.  We can also work with you to establish a thriving inhouse school library puzzle club; an activity that is educational, engaging and fun for all.

The school library can also provide students with a safe place if they are struggling with their mental health.  Solving a puzzle can be a very useful pastime, something to concentrate on until the feelings of anxiety pass.

Clue Detective can also work with teaching staff to create puzzles that align with the school curriculum.

When your library subscribes your students receive:

– Unlimited access to the Clue Detective Puzzle Portal, all year round, 24/7.

– The ability to access puzzles on any of their devices, mobile, laptop, tablet, PC.

– Solve puzzles wherever they are.

– Quick and easy setup
– A unique secure login authentication
– Ongoing training support


Join the Clue Detective’s puzzling community

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