Discover the benefits of solving puzzles with the Clue Detective. Not only are they fun, they will help you improve your general knowledge, vocabulary, logic and critical thinking skills.

Clue Detective offers an excellent range of crosswords, codewords, sudoku, trivia and more.

With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the inability we all have to move around as freely we would like, the Clue Detective can help.

Puzzles are also a great way to maintain mental fitness, both individually, and in a group setting. Clue Detective offers a range of subscriptions both for individuals and organisations (eg. public libraries), as well freelance puzzle writing services for newspapers, magazines and business promotion.

At a time where we are needing to spend time keeping our friends and family at a (physical) distance, Clue Detective provides you with the perfect opportunity to get together with a mentally stimulating activity. Join each other in the 'Zoom Room' for a puzzling session.

Contact us to arrange a free demonstration.

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