A Puzzling Opportunity for Rotary Clubs

Rotary is in the business of opening opportunities in no matter what situation the world finds itself in.  The COVID-19 pandemic is no exception.  This global event has turned the way Rotary clubs operate and raise funds on its head.  Rotarians are having to become far more circumspect when considering how they run their clubs and the types of activities they conduct in their communities.  The ‘traditional’ BBQ, market and art show may now no longer be the ‘default setting’.

Change however, is not necessarily a bad thing. Rotary and its members have been known of doing some pretty amazing things over the last 115 years, including providing disaster relief, clean water, building schools and helping people improve their literacy and mental health. They are extremely adaptable to any situation they put their minds to. All that is required is some lateral thinking.

Puzzling can open an opportunity for Rotary clubs

As a proud Rotarian myself, and Chair of Australian Rotary Health (ARH) for my District 9780, it has been my privilege to embrace the opportunity the pandemic has given me and introduce the idea of solving puzzle games to clubs while visiting as a guest speaker via Zoom.  These presentations have provided information about the work of ARH, raised awareness about mental health and allowed Rotarians to join to solve puzzles in an interactive group setting.  There has been a lot of fun and laughter.

Enjoy solving puzzles in the ‘Zoom Room’!

With the game-changing power of Zoom, I would like to offer your club the opportunity to enjoy a puzzle night as part of your Rotary meeting.  This can take the form of solving a variety of puzzles, e.g. crosswords, codewords or Sudoku. You may prefer a trivia night, which can easily be run via a PowerPoint presentation.  You may wish to run it as a fundraiser for your club.  I am more than happy to help you with this.

Our safety of all Rotary members is paramount, and while some of our clubs can meet face to face, Zoom meetings are still an excellent option going forward.  The important thing is to make them as engaging and entertaining as possible for Rotarians.  I trust I can assist your club to do this.

If you would like to know more about arranging a Clue Detective puzzle/mental health guest speaker time-slot, please send me a message.

I look forward to hearing from you.