Puzzles The Way To A Healthy Brain

A healthy lifestyle is the key to a healthy brain.  We know that what we eat and drink has a direct impact on the cells of our brain and body.  But it’s also how we spend our days that has a big effect on our health in later life.  As the Brain Foundation points out, our brains start to decline by the age of 40 and those parts that we don’t often use are the parts that will deteriorate first.    For maximum brain health we need to do a variety of things rather than just repeating the same activities that we always do.  For example, if you only ever do crosswords your number skills or memory might decline.   You are concentrating your activity too much in one area of the brain.

The Brain Foundation of Australia  is a fantastic resource.  Their website is full of useful information and tips and tricks to show us how we can keep our brain fit and active.

The whole brain fitness picture

Don’t forget that using your brain is only one part of keeping it healthy.  You need to exercise your body to keep your circulation going.  You need to eat a healthy diet to keep your cells nourished.  Embrace life as much as you can, experience different activities, travel and meet new people.  The more physical and mental stimulation you can get, the better your brain health will be. The message ‘move it, or lose it’ is one that cannot be emphasised enough.

Solve puzzles for good brain health

Solving puzzles each day is a great way to exercise your brain.  Why not set yourself the task to solve a crossword or a codeword over the breakfast or during your commute to work?  All you need is your iPad.  You will energise yourself for the day ahead and reap huge benefits.  Start with easy puzzles and graduate to harder ones as you become more proficient.  It doesn’t take long, and it is very satisfying.

Puzzles are designed so that you can work on different parts of your brain.  Crosswords, codewords, sudoku, and trivia quizzes will all stimulate your brain in different ways.   Some require logic, some memory and all are just pure fun!  

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