On This Day Trivia Quiz – 7 November

Test your knowledge, and/or learn some interesting facts about events that have happened on 7 November.

1. Born on 7 November 1867, which Polish-French scientist is famous for discovering the chemical element radium. She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize in 1903.

2. Born on 7 November 1879, which Marxist revolutionary was the founder of the Red Army?

3. Born on 7 November 1913, which French author is known for his novel La Peste (The Plague)? He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1957.

4. Which American Baptist evangelist was born on 7 November 1918?

5. Which Australian operatic soprano was born (in Sydney) on
7 November 1926?

6. Which cultural institution opened in New York’s Hecksher Building on
7 November 1929?

7. Born on 7 November 1943, by what name is Canadian singer Roberta J. Anderson better known?

8. Which British TV sitcom starring Rowan Atkinson premiered in the US on 7 November 1997?

9. Who were the candidates in the US Presidential election, declared inconclusive on 7 November 2000? The matter would later be resolved in the Supreme Court.

10. Who wrote the novel The Blind Assassin (2000)? It won the Booker Prize on 7 November the same year.

11. Which horse won the Melbourne Cup on 7 November 2017? He was trained by Joseph O’Brien, the youngest trainer to have a winner in the history of the great race at the age of 24.

12. Which actress, famous for her roles in Sense and Sensibility (1995),
Love Actually (2003) and Last Christmas (2019), was made a Dame of the British Empire on 7 November 2018?


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Note: This trivia quiz is a work in progress.  Whenever we find clues that are applicable to this date, we will add them.

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