On This Day Trivia Quiz – 28 January

Test your knowledge, and/or learn some interesting facts about events that have happened on 28 January.

1. Which Italian theologian and saint was born on 28 January 1225?

2. Born on 28 January 1457, which British monarch won the throne by defeating King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field?

3. At just 9 years old, who succeeded his father King Henry VIII to British throne on 28 January 1547?

4. Which novel by Jane Austen was published on 28 January 1813?

5. Which British-born American reporter, explorer born on 28 January 1841, is famous for saying “Dr Livingstone I presume?” when he located the Scottish explorer in Africa in 1871?

6. Which region was returned to Nicaragua by Britain on 28 January 1860?

7. In which US state was the first telephone exchange opened on 28 January 1878?

8. Construction on which world-famous French landmark began on 28 January 1887?

9. Which London street was the first to be gaslit on 28 January 1807?

10. Which actor, famous for his role as Hawkeye in the television series M*A*S*H (1972) was born 28 January 1936?

11. Which singer made his television debut on the Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey Stage Show singing Heartbreak Hotel on 28 January 1956?

12. Which English actor, famous for playing the role of D/Sgt. John Bacchus in the crime drama Inspector George Gently (2007) was born on 28 January 1976?

13. What was the title of the chart-topping single that dozens of top-name music celebrities gathered together to record on 28 January 1985?

14. Who painted Christ and the Woman of Samaria, sold for $7.4m on 28 January 1998?

15. Who was named Governor-General of Australia on 28 January 2014?


Note: This trivia quiz is a work in progress.  Whenever we find clues that are applicable to this date, we will add them.  Please send suggestions and corrections to cluedetective@zoho.com 

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