On This Day Trivia Quiz – 22 March

Test your knowledge, and/or learn some interesting facts about events that have happened on 22 March.

1. Who became the first US Secretary of State under George Washington on 22 March 1790?

2. Which Marx brother was born 22 March 1887?

3. Which brothers showed their first movie to an invited audience on 22 March 1895?

4. Which waterfall ran out of water on 22 March 1903, due to a drought?

5. Which character in the television sitcom Hogan’s Heroes (1965-70) is Werner Klemperer famous for playing? He was born on 22 March 1920.

6. Born on 22 March 1912, by what name is Oscar-winning actor Mladen Sekulovich better known?

7. Born on 22 March 1930, who wrote the lyrics for the musical West Side Story (1957)?

8. Famous for playing the role of Captain Kirk in the television series Star Trek (1966), which actor was born on 22 March 1931?

9. Which US city was rocked by an earthquake on 22 March 1957?

10. Which cartoonist is famous for co-creating (with Joseph Barbera) Tom and Jerry, Yogi Bear and The Flintstones? He died on 22 March  2008.


Note: This trivia quiz is a work in progress.  Whenever we find clues that are applicable to this date, we will add them.

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