On This Day Trivia Quiz – 21 January

Test your knowledge, and learn some interesting facts about people and events that have happened on 21 January.

1. Which fruit was introduced to Hawaii on 21 January 1813?

2. Who published the first edition of his Daily News on 21 January 1846?

3. Which Australian capital city received a record daily rainfall of 465.1 mm on 21 January 1887?

4. Who escaped from  Amsterdam’s Halvemaansteeg police station on 21 January 1903?

5. Who pledged $1m for relief to Europe’s destitute on 21 January 1921?

6. Which actor, famous for his roles in the movie Bird of Alcatraz (1962) and television series Kojak (1973-78) was born on 21 January 1922?

7. Which (dwarf) planet was photographed for the first time on 21 January 1930?

8. Which conservation organisation was founded on 21 January 1935?

9. Which U.S. golfer, born on 21 January 1940, won the Masters six times and is (currently) the all-time leader in major tournament wins?

10. Who recorded the song One O’Clock Jump on 21 January 1942?

11. Born on 21 January 1945, which English actor starred in The Professionals (1977), Judge John Deed (2001) and Inspector George Gently (2007)?

12. Born on 21 January 1950, by what name is British singer Leslie Sebastian Charles better known?

13. Which actor, famous for their roles in movies such as Tootsie (1982), The Accidental Tourist (1988) and Thelma and Louise (1991), was born on 21 January 1956?

14. Which Bee Gees album went #1 for 24 weeks on 21 January 1978?

15. Who was named the new creative director of Italian fashion label Gucci on 21 January 2015?



Note: This trivia quiz is a work in progress.  Whenever we find clues that are applicable to this date, we will add them.  Please send suggestions and corrections to cluedetective@zoho.com 

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