On This Day Trivia Quiz – 19 March

Test your knowledge, and/or learn some interesting facts about events that have happened on 19 March.

1. Which US city was incorporated on 19 March 1822?

2. Born on 19 March 1848, who led a gunfight at the OK Corral?

3. Born on 19 March 1813, which Scottish explorer was found in Africa by reporter Henry Stanley, prompting a famous quote?

4. Born on 19 March 1937, which US R&B singer opened 18 concerts for the Beatles in 1964?

5. Born on 19 March 1947, which actress is famous for her role in The Big Chill (1983) and Fatal Attraction (1987)?

6. Which author is famous for creating Tarzan (1914)? He died on 19 March 1950.

7. Which award ceremony was televised for the first time 19 March 1953?

8. Born on 19 March 1955, which actor played the role of David Addison Jnr in the television series Moonlighting (1985)?

9. Which Bond movie did Sean Connery begin filming on 19 March 1964?

10. Which science-fiction author, famous for writing 2001 : A Space Odyssey, died on 19 March 2008?


Note: This trivia quiz is a work in progress.  Whenever we find clues that are applicable to this date, we will add them.

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