Library Lovers’ Codeword 2023

Happy Library Lovers’ Day from the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency!

We love working with libraries, and we hope you enjoy solving our special Library Lovers’ codeword puzzle.
The numbers in the squares represent letters of the alphabet.  For example, the 9s could be Ps and the 18s could be Bs.  Your starting letter is C (for Cupid!).

Your challenge is study the numerical pattern, and using your knowledge of the English language, crack the code.  Once you have done this you will be able to spell out all the words in the grid.

Once you have completed filled the grid, unscramble the pink squares to reveal the name of our mystery love story title.  It’s author is the solution to the puzzle!

If you would prefer to solve this puzzle on paper, you can download it here.

Win a Clue Detective Virtual Puzzling Session for Your Library!

Once you have the solution, send it through to us. You have a chance to win a 2 hour Clue Detective in person/ virtual puzzling session for your Library and your puzzling friends.  Don’t forget to let us know which library you belong to and which time zone you are in. (Note: Geographic perameters apply to in person visits.)

Happy decoding!