Introducing the Riyechi™ Puzzle

Ashley Smith is the creator of the  Riyechi™ puzzle.  He has been very kind and written a blog post to tell us about it.  If you are looking for a challenging logic puzzle game, then this is it!

Ever wanted a puzzle that exercises your word wizardry as well as your lust for logic? Riyechi could be just what you are looking for. These puzzles require you to fill in a grid of interconnected words, laid out like a mini crossword. Instead of numbered clues, however, you are required to use logic and basic arithmetic to determine what the words are and how to fit them in.

The idea for Riyechi came to me during an otherwise uneventful end of term holiday away from my usual teaching job in Cambridge, U.K. Finding myself with time on my hands and unusually clement weather, I took myself into the garden with pen and paper and, intending to work on setting one of my cryptic crosswords, I instead found myself putting letters into a Futoshiki grid to see what I could make fit.  It occurred to me that, provided that there is a common reference point – i.e. A=1; B=2; C=3 etc – it would be possible to fill in an empty grid using arithmetic clues instead of the usual linguistic ones.

It wasn’t long before I had come up with the first grid and all I needed now was a name. Having just booked my annual holiday to Croatia, I got flicking through my Croatian-English dictionary until I chanced upon the word for ‘words’: riječi. With a little bit of anglicisation, this became ‘riyechi’ and so the idea was christened. (There’s nothing remotely Croatian about Riyechi, by the way; I just love the sound of the language!)From that point on, the idea ballooned out into infinite possible grid designs and different puzzles with variations on the rules, namely Superiyechi, Überiyechi and Riyechain.

Intrigued? Take a look at my website to access completely free puzzles with solving guides and answers.

Happy puzzling!


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