Solve Puzzles to Ward Off Dementia

While Alzheimers Australia states  “there is no sure-fire way to prevent dementia…” they do suggest a number of strategies you can put in place to reduce your risk.  Together, they offer a holistic approach to good health and wellbeing.  At the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency, we have outlined them all for you below and show how solving puzzles can be integrated and provide an effective way to ward off the threat of this debilitating disease.


1. Stay connected with fellow puzzlers


You can enjoy playing puzzles individually, or discover the many benefits of solving them in a group, whilst enjoying social activity and interaction.

2. Stay mentally as well as physically active

Being physically active is very important in reducing the risk of dementia, but mentally challenging your brain regularly is also vital.  In a US study, crossword puzzles were found to delay the onset of dementia by stimulating  the mind in a recreational manner, puzzlers saw the benefits. Solving puzzles has many advantages for brain health.  These versatile brain teasers are great for fostering life-long learning, digital literacy and critical thinking skills in people of all ages.

2. Look after your heart

While it is important to monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol levels and maintain a healthy weight by enjoying a healthy diet, reducing stress is another important component of looking after your heart.  Solving puzzles can assist with this. Taking time out to play a crossword on a daily basis, particularly if you are feeling a bit under pressure can be very helpful.  Solving a puzzle during your lunch or morning tea break is a great way to relax and revive yourself.

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In whatever way you choose to solve puzzles, we are sure that you will see a common thread running through the different dementia reduction strategies and that is they all offer the opportunity to have fun and at same time do something worthwhile to improve your health now and into the future.


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