General Knowledge Trivia Quiz Acrostic No. 1 by the Clue Detective

To solve this puzzle, answer each question and take the first letter and place it in space to the left. 

When you have answered all the questions, the letters spell out the name of a country.

____ Which movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock starred Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint?
____  Billy Joel wrote the song Scenes From An _________ Restaurant (1977)
____  Who is the patron saint of musicians?
____ Which Australian poet wrote Bush Ballads and Galloping Rhymes (1870)?
____  Which root vegetable has the scientific name Raphanus sativas?
____  To which order does the eel belong?
____  Which racehorse won the 1982 Melbourne Cup?
____  Which NSW town is located on the Princes Highway, half-way between Batemans Bay and Nowra?
____ In which city were the first modern-day Olympic Games held in 1896?


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