Fundraising Order

How To Conduct Your Fundraiser

To get your fundraiser underway, we provide you with a special fundraising page.  Here is a sample   This is where you direct your fundraising supporters, and it tells them what you are raising funds for.

You can promote this via your social media channels and share it with your members to promote to their connections.

Order Your Fundraising Memberships

Clue Detective Fundraising Annual Membership

Important note: Please ensure that you include the name of your organisation on the order.

Your organisation orders each membership for a  wholesale price of $35.95 p.a.

Our recommended fundraising (re-selling) price is $59.95 p.a.

Your organisation retains a profit of $24.00 p.a., per membership Memberships last for a period of 12 months, to allow your organisation to have an ongoing fundraising activity if you wish.

Once we receive your order, we will provide you with a special password protected form so that you can enter your subscribers details to enable the setup of their respective logins.

Please allow 2 weeks for memberships to be set up.