Do good by promoting puzzling in isolation

With millions of people around Australian suffering from a range of mental illnesses. the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency is committed to help Australian Rotary Health raise awareness and assist Rotary Clubs across Australia raise vital funds for mental health research through ARH’s Lift the Lid on Mental Illness Campaign.

Puzzling for Mental Health Initiative
As part of its Puzzling for Mental Health Initiative, the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency is launching its Puzzling in Isolation project. Rotary clubs are being given the opportunity to boost their Lift the Lid contributions with a Clue Detective puzzle drive.

The importance of maintaining Rotary connections in isolation

During this period of COVID-19 isolation, it is very important for Rotarians to stay connected as much as possible, and perhaps work together on some projects.  By can doing this they can continue to assist their communities and raise some funds. A puzzle drive is the perfect choice as it can all be done online, via members’ homes, and is completely contact free.

Promote the benefits of puzzling for mental health

Online puzzling is currently increasing in popularity in the COVID-19 climate. Our mental health is more important than ever before. Our society as a whole is experiencing unprecedented mental strain. People need activities to keep them occupied whilst at home. Whilst they won’t make the problem go away, solving puzzles and brain training is a way to focus on something else, even for a short time, and can be used to develop a valuable coping strategy. They can be done as a solitary game. They are also a great way to connect with friends and family. Puzzlers of all ages can enjoy an activity that is fun, engaging and beneficial to their mental health.

Let crossword puzzles take over from lamingtons!

A Clue Detective fundraiser works like the old-fashioned lamington drive. Each Rotary club member receives a fundraising form and is given the challenge to fill it with orders.  For every Clue Detective Individual Annual subscription (at a cost of $59.95 per annum ordered by your Rotary club, Clue Detective makes a $24 donation back to your club. You send $12 to ARH for your club’s annual Lift the Lid on Mental Illness contribution, and keep $12 for your own club projects.