Digital Puzzle Clubs for Lifelong Learning

Solving puzzles has many benefits for people of all ages, particularly seniors and retirees. One of the many advantages is that they provide the opportunity to engage in an activity that fosters  lifelong learning.


A University of the Third Age may consider offering their members access to  crossword, codeword and sudoku puzzles.  Establishing a ‘digital puzzle club’ course can be a wonderful asset to your U3A program. It will be an something that participants will enjoy doing all year round.

Puzzling offers huge benefits!

Solving puzzles is very rewarding for all involved. Participants build their general knowledge, vocabulary and logic. It is also a wonderful way to enjoy the benefits of lifelong learning in a friendly, social setting. Members interpersonal and communication skills are enhanced by when they actively contribute to solving the puzzles

Boost digital literacy skills

Solving puzzles online works well using a large flat screen television, as it  facilitates effective group participation.  The use of (individual) iPads can also help members boost their digital literacy skills

What Clue Detective Offers

A Clue Detective puzzle subscription allows your U3A members to gain access to puzzles when they attend a course.  They can also login to the puzzle portal in another location. 

A U3A may also choose to liaise with their local library to see if they are a member of the Clue Detective’s Puzzling Network, allowing them to establish a cost-effective resource sharing arrangement.

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