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Put solving puzzles on your daily agenda

One of the Clue Detective’s primary objectives is to encourage the solving of puzzles regularly to keep our brains active and healthy.  It’s great if we can do this each day.  We make it easy with our Daily Puzzling Calendar.

Once you become a Clue Detective subscriber, you are provided with a small number of pre-selected puzzles to solve each day. It’s easy to add puzzling to your regular routine with this helpful resource. Keep your brain fit and healthy, and if you ever miss a day, it’s very easy to catch up.

Enjoy a regular mental workout with the Clue Detective’s Daily Puzzling Calendar

Would you like to see puzzles on a special day of the year for you?  Help us fill the calendar! 
Please send us your suggestions in the form below.  

Use Daily Puzzling Calendar as part of your work routine

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solving puzzles daily has huge benefits for lifelong learning and mental health

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