Connect through puzzles via your public library

With many people needing to isolate themselves due to the COVID19 pandemic crisis, the Clue Detective’s mission is to promote the benefits solving puzzles.  It’s puzzling portal library e-resource provides a great source of entertainment, as well as a mental workout.

The advantages of library e-resources during COVID-19

A public library is seen as the information hub of a community. At a time when people are being forced to remain in their homes for long periods of time, engaging e-resources have never been more important. All a patron needs to do is make a purchase request. Once a Clue Detective subscription is bought by a library, great online puzzles and brain training games can be accessed by any patron in their home from their device.  All they need is their library card.

The big plus is that many library users can login to play puzzles. The Clue Detective team are adding new material on a regular basis.  This includes crosswords (quick, general knowledge and cryptic), codewords, sudoku and trivia quizzes. The portal is a wonderful educational and brain training tool.  It boosts mental stimulation, as well as improving general knowledge and (digital) literacy. It is also natural to feel anxious in these very uncertain times.  Engaging your brain by sitting down and focusing on a puzzle can help.

Maintain social contact online with a puzzle

In our technological age, puzzling does not even have to be a solitary activity during this period of self-isolation. Puzzlers can enjoy catching up to solve puzzles on Zoom. A puzzle can be loaded on to a flat screen television and puzzlers can log in to enjoy some mentally stimulating social interaction.